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‘Rewire - Part A’ is a digital album of 13 tracks that came about through a Kickstarter project curated by Rob Swain of Gamma Proforma and Andrea Parker of Touchin’ Bass featuring tracks from Cristian Vogel, Luke Vibert, Arovane, Kero, Einoma, EVAC, Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle, Plaster, Quinoline Yellow, Bogger, Dalglish, Ed Devane and Clatterbox.

In 2014, an international line up of visual artists created works which were interpreted sonically by audio artists, effectively reversing the common record model where the artist creates an image to capture the mood of the music. The art and interpretations were exhibited at The Gamma Transport Division during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The visual works came from a curated line up of abstract urban artists from Gamma Proforma. The audio artists were selected from the vein of experimental electronic music.

Having always wanted to curate, collaborate and combine all things art and electronics this project was the perfect solution. The experience of viewing a painting can be altered profoundly when combined with sound, yet it's rarely presented this way. Rewire is all about pictures of sound, a collection that sought to challenge the audio artists, giving them a reason to write. Listening to each interpretation is like stepping into the art, immersing yourself and not wanting to come back to reality.

Strictly limited edition box set including book and 3 x 12” vinyl available in 2015. Keep an eye open...